White Linen

© Tania Hertling


180 days changed her perception of life. She spent 180 days in the hospital looking after A. The surroundings consisted in medical observation through machines and staff in a clear and lucid space. There was no verbal communication. The only connection possible was their physical contact. The resting body of A. and her hands, which kept initiating a daily singing. There was no rest and no darkness.

Today in a theatre space, clear and light, she transforms her waiting: the memory of stagnation develops into a dance of her hands and the beginning of physical communication.


Choreography/Dance Riki von Falken // Lights Roland Brinker // Costume Helga Berghaus, Chris Kremberg // Photo Tania Hertling // Music George Crumb, Harrison Birtwistle, Henryk Górecki, Jón Leifs, Nigel Osborne, Kevin Volans // Production Riki von Falken


Premiere: 18/03/2000 // Theater am Halleschen Ufer Berlin / Stresemannstr. 29 – 10963 Berlin


With the kind support of Käthe Dorsch Stiftung, Fonds Darstellende Künste, Theater am Halleschen Ufer, Tanzfabrik Berlin.