08.-09.09.2023 // Tanznacht

25 Jahre. 80 Künstler*innen / 25 Stunden Tanz

Stipendium Senior Artist Tanzpraxis

2022/23 Berliner Senat für Kultur und Europa

There Comes the Sun – Disaster and Desire

Foto: Nils Vollmar

Agnes Fuchs KUNSTRAUM Engländerbau, Liechtenstein
8. 8. 2023  19 Uhr Opnening & Performative Intervention: Riki von Falken
08. 08. 2023 – 08.10. 2023 //

Trotz Dem Hölderlin!

Foto: David Baltzer

Title: Trotz dem Hoelderlin!. Dircetor: Silvana Buchbauer. Stage Design: Michael Graessner. Costume: Ellen Hofmann. Light Design: Katri Kuusimaeki. Venue: Theater Thikwa Studio. Premiere: 7th of December 2022. no model release. Performer: Riki von Falken und Torsten Holzapfel u.a. Engl: theatre, actor, disabel, inclusion copyright: david baltzer /

Theater Thikwa


Premiere 22 September 2022, 8pm30 at Uferstudios, Berlin

Further performances:
23 / 24 / 25 September 2022

© Clemens Kowalski

It all starts in one room.

© Clemens Kowalski

In the long phase of stagnation and silence of the public space, the view out of the window became a metaphor, a longing gaze from the protected space of one’s own flat to the street. The gaze itself joined a kind of passivity. You could call it observation – observing outwards, inwards into memory.

© Katja Kettner

What imagination envelops an empty space?

© Clemens Kowalski

Isn’t the memory of a space activated so strongly at the moment of its disappearance that, on the basis of our habitual feeling of a space, we move on to something new…. to an experience that carries us forward?

© Clemens Kowalski

A bright empty room cannot deliver what it promises.

© Clemens Kowalski

Could we say that the moment of perception becomes a membrane that transmits, and we feel in a way that we belong to what is happening, that we are part of it, that we become witnesses of a moment, listening to the sounds that reach our ears?

choreography, dance, concept & research Riki von Falken / video, concept & research Oscar Loeser / dramaturgy & research Katja Kettner / composer, live music Ralf Grüneberg / stage, light design Clemens Kowalski / costume Heather McCrimmon / technical direction Jonas Ehrler / production & administration Christine Elbel / touring, social media & distribution Astrid Rostaing / communication Kerstin Böttcher / graphic design



© Dieter Hartwig

Movement permeates the room. It is the point of departure for everything; it begins, dies away, wavers and overlaps in the interplay of sound, projection and light. The simultaneity of precision and experiment builds up a creative suction, dense and light, sharp and playful at the same time: an atmosphere of fleeting intimacy in the encounters. Lines are whirring between light and shadow and open up ever changing opportunities for fragile approximations to the architecture of the line.

concept Riki von Falken & Oscar Loeser / choreography / dance Riki von Falken / videographer Oscar Loeser / live sound/music Ralf Grüneberg / stage/light design Clemens Kowalski / dramaturgy Katja Kettner / director video livestream Anna Pessavento / camera Livestream Andrea Keiz / Moderation Stream 2 und 4 Dr. Elisabeth Nehring / production management Christine Elbel / PR Kerstin Böttcher / graphic design Franziska Schwarz / Supported by Hauptstadtkulturfonds & Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa


Architecture of a Line premiered on September 19th, 2019 at Uferstudios, Berlin

© Dieter Hartwig