Eine Begegnung zwischen Ungleichen


In having three persons interact, and employing dance, film and the distinct characteristics of a specific room, I have chosen an artistic path that is new for me. I have tried to sharpen the viewers‘ perception for that something that happens when different forms of movement collide.

The three of us: We were two women, one man, young and old, handicapped and not handicapped. The tension arose from the differences in the way each performer moved.


Music: John Cage, Gabriele Kostas, György Ligeti, Pjotr Mamonov


Choreography: Riki von Falken // Dance: Riki von Falken, Friederike Plafki, Tim Petersen
Video / Light / Sound: Ralf Grüneberg, Rico Heidler, Oscar Loeser // Technical Production: Trollwerk
Camera: Jan Wichers, Bert Peschel // Editing: Manfred Rittweiler, u.b.i.k / Berlin
Costumes: Chris Kremberg, Johanna Mertens // Production: Heike Wehrmann-Ernst

Concept / Idea: Riki von Falken // Directors: Annette Klar, Riki von Falken