The Architecture of a line

Quotes (excerpt)

‘All elements that contribute to a stage, an atmosphere, a mood, are visible here as active co-creators and all relating to each other. An openness and awareness is thereby created, as if one is not simply watching a dance piece, but is part of the creative process; on the dance construction site so to speak. The joys of the creative process, growth, trial and error are still tangible and have not disappeared behind a finished product.’

Katrin Bettina Müller TAZ 2019/09/21,22

‘Riki von Falken ‚… masters the art of reduction in a quite inimitable way. This has nothing to do with the efficiency of movement, but rather with the knowledge that the seemingly simple can give rise to a great complexity. The reduction to the essentials directs our eyes to every little detail. The slightest of movements have a meaning without being pregnant or charged with meaning. We can observe every movement, and no movements are superfluous.’

Elisabeth Nehring Tanzforum 2019/09/19

‚Despite Riki von Falken responding as a dancer to developments (…). We see her watching this change, and reacting in her movements. We see e.g. slight shifts and curves in her body, which are then in turn succeeded by a stark linearity of movement. The choreographer positions everything including herself (…). And also the way she has the musician and the light designer move around, has nothing to do with theatrical scenery. The point here is not presenting or showing. It’s about being active, and we see the artists acting in concert.’

Elisabeth Nehring Tanzforum 2019/09/19